Blessed Imelda Lambertini

Blessed Imelda statue based upon her facial death mask.

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Brief Bio:

Imelda Lambertini was born of wealth and her father was Count Eagno Lambertini. She entered the Dominican Convent at age nine. Having prayed and dedicated her life to the Blessed Sacrament and desired to receive before the legal age of twelve, Jesus granted her wish with a miracle. The Holy Host appeared suspended in air in front of her indicating for the priest to give Imelda her desire. On the Feast of the Ascension in 1333, Imelda received her First Holy Communion and went into ecstasy. She died while in ecstasy. Blessed Imelda remains lies in the church of San Sigismondo near the University of Bologna. Pope St. Pius X named her Protectress of First Holy Communicants.

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